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If you have a crawl space under your home, you know it is already an area that is often overlooked and gets very little attention from a homeowner. When crawl spaces are being built, they will usually have small vents and a simple door that "closes" it off from the outside. These openings allow excess humidity, water, and potentially animals to get inside and cause problems over time. When water gets in or high levels of humidity are present, it is easy for mold and mildew to grow and cause damage to the wooden joists that support your floors above. When you have problems here, by the time you notice them, they are almost always much worse than expected.

Protecting the crawl space is very different than a basement so a basement waterproofing system will not work here. The two biggest issues we face in crawl spaces are excess moisture and humidity and damage to the floor joists. We have two systems that we use to both prevent this damage and moisture as well as repair damage caused by these problems.

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Wet Crawl Space

When there is either standing water or high levels of humidity, there will always be the danger of mold growing in the area. When this happens in your crawl space, it can cause health problems for your family and permanent damage to the structure above. We can implement a system of liners to seal of the area in what is known as encapsulation. This will prevent excess moisture as well as unwanted critters from entering your crawl space.

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Sagging Floors

If your crawl space has been exposed to the elements since your home was built, it has probably seen many years of seasons as well as rising and falling humidity levels. As the humidity changes and fluctuates, the joists that hold up your floors will expand and contract. This causes stresses on the beams and if the humidity is too high for too long, the joists can become compromised and start to bow which you will notice when you have sagging floors. We use a system of crawl space jacks to provide sagging floor repair which will raise the joists back into position and restore the floors above.

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If your home has a wet crawl space or you think you may be in need of our crawl space services, please contact us today using the form above or on our contact page. We look forward to helping you with your home.

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