Sagging Floor Repair

If your crawl space has had high levels of humidity or flooding problems for a long period of time, you may have noticed your floors above the area have gotten soft or started to sag in places. This can happen when you are unable to control the humidity in the crawl space or if it is not encapsulated. As the joists in your basement absorb and release moisture over the years, they expand and contract and this can lead to the joists weakening and starting to droop. This causes the floor above to droop with them and now the floor is sagging.

This is a fairly common problem that we see in the area and we have a crawl space repair method that can return the floors to a proper level as well as prevent them from sinking any more.

Crawl Space Jacks

To repair a sagging floor above a crawl space, we can install a system of crawl space jacks and stabilizers. These will be placed at intervals in the crawl space on top of concrete bases. These will be slowly jacked up to remove the sagging and level the floors so they are safe and prevent them from sagging in the future. In addition to installing the jacks, we would recommend an encapsulation system or dehumidifiers to target the problem that is causing the sagging.

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Sagging Floor Repair with Crawl Space Jacks

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