Foundation Repair

A sturdy foundation is easily one of the most important things when it comes to making sure your home will be standing the entire time you own it. If you've got problems with your home's foundation, it is important to have them evaluated by a professional to determine the best type of foundation repair method to use. Some of the biggest problems we see are sinking or settling foundations, bowing or buckling basement walls, and large or small cracks running the length of your foundation. Depending on whether you have one of these problems or a combination of multiples, there are different repair methods and processes for each of them. There are some instances where we are unable to utilize a repair method where we feel satisfied that your home will be structurally sound. In these instances we may recommend a foundation replacement which involves lifting your home and rebuilding the entire foundation.


If your foundation is sinking, it can cause a lot of problems down the road. From doors and windows sticking when you open or close them to cracks forming at the corners of doorways or window openings and even sloping floors inside. These problems can start off as manageable and can quickly turn into serious issues that can only be fixed by professionals. Our team uses a system of foundation piers to permanently stabilize your foundation and prevent sinking or settling in the future by supporting the weight of your home with the anchors instead of the soil.

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Bowed Walls

A bowing or buckling wall is characterized by the wall pushing inward and forming long horizontal cracks in the basement walls. If you've got this happening in your home it is very important to have an expert look at it quickly because depending on how bad the bowing is, it can lead to a catastrophic foundation failure resulting in home damage and the need to rebuild the foundation. If the problem is caught early, we can install a system of wall anchors to pull the walls back into place and keep them there without the need to rebuild your foundation.

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Wall Cracks

When there are long cracks in your foundation, there are a number of causes that could be to blame. They are not always caused by a foundation sinking far into the ground or bowing walls that could collapse. Most times, they are caused by the house shifting and minor settlement. If this is the case, we have a few different options including epoxy sealing or installing carbon fiber to prevent the crack from spreading. No matter what the cause, we have foundation wall crack repair experts to evaluate the problem and provide the ideal repair.

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Foundation Repair in Ypsilanti, MI
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I was most satisfied that the entire job including odds and ends that probably no one else would have done, it was done in one day. Thank you!!!
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