Bowed Wall Repair

If you have basement walls that are bowing or buckling inward, this is a very serious foundation repair problem. The foundation walls are what hold up the rest of your home and if they are bowing in, they are unable to properly support the home. As the bowing gets worse, it can ultimately lead to total failure which can cause parts of your home to collapse and require extensive rebuilding and foundation replacement. Bowed walls are caused when water soaks into the soil around your home and causes an increase in what is known as hydrostatic pressure. This pressure then pushes against the walls from the outside and causes long horizontal cracks in the walls and, over time, can cause them to bow inward. We use a system of wall anchors that can quickly and permanently repair your walls.

Wall Anchors

In order to prevent the basement walls from bowing inward more, there needs to be a support structure in place outside the home. We use a system of wall anchors to provide this support. The anchors are a three part system that consists of two plates and a long connecting rod between them. Together these parts can pull the wall back into its correct position and permanently prevent the wall from bowing in. This not only keeps your foundation in the correct position for supporting your home, it will also allow you to fully utilize the space in your basement for storage or additional rooms.

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If your basement walls are bowing or buckling inward, please contact us today using the form above or on our contact page. Bowing walls are a serious problem that should be fixed by a professional. We look forward to helping you with your home.

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Repairs in Ann Arbor, MI
They are a good quality company that does excellent timely work. Very professional and easy to work with.
Claire N - Ann Arbor, MI 48105
December 12, 2016
Repairs in Ann Arbor, MI
They did a great job, would definitely hire them again !
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November 01, 2017