Foundation Replacement

There are occasionally times when the conventional foundation repair options we have are not enough to fully repair a failing foundation. While it is rare, we do have the ability to completely replace the foundation under your home. Some of the situations we have run into that would require us to consider replacing the foundation are extremely bowed walls that are beyond conventional repair, crumbling foundations as a result of either improper construction or age, and even excessive cracking to the point that the repairs we would normally use are unable to provide an adequate level of structural integrity.

Rebuilding Failing Foundations

If our experts evaluate the foundation and determine the only option is to rebuild the foundation, we will use our tried and trusted methods and experience to ensure your home is absolutely protected during the lifting and rebuilding process. We take great pride in our work and we will treat your home as if it was our own, using high strength jacks and concrete blocks to ensure your home will be safe while we replace the foundation.

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Foundation Replacement Process

  1. We will begin by assessing the entire foundation and home to determine the best lift points and locations for the cribbing.
  2. All utilities are turned off and disconnected by professionals.
  3. A support system is put in place to lift the home in specific locations so it is lifted evenly and stays level.
  4. Cribbing is put in place to support the home.
  5. Tear down and removal of existing failing foundation.
  6. Rebuild foundation using blocks or pouring new concrete walls.
  7. House is lowered down back onto the new foundation.
  8. Utilities are reconnected and turned back on.
  9. With the new foundation, you can rest easy knowing it will not fail.
Before Foundation Replacement
Before Foundation Replacement
During Foundation Replacement
During Foundation Replacement
After Foundation Replacement
After Foundation Replacement

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If you are concerned that your foundation may be in need of replacement or rebuilding or just want to have someone come out and evaluate your home's foundation, please contact us today using the form above or on our contact page. We look forward to helping you with your home.