Wall Crack Repair

When there are cracks in your foundation walls, you may not think you'll be in need of extensive foundation repair services. Generally these cracks are the result of minor settling of the homes foundation and many times these cracks are only cosmetic flaws. There are times, however, when the cracks are an indicator of a much more serious problem. Depending on the shape and direction of the crack, a foundation expert can tell you what the cause is as well as how to fix it.

If the wall crack is the result of hydrostatic pressure, it can result in leaking. To prevent the need for a full basement waterproofing system, we can provide crack repair using a system of carbon fiber wall strips and liquid urethane injection.

Carbon Fiber Strips

To prevent wall cracks from spreading in your basement we make use of a revolutionary carbon fiber product that, once bonded to the concrete, is stronger than steel and will prevent the cracks from growing. This is done by using an epoxy to permanently bond the carbon fiber to the concrete walls.

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Liquid Urethane Injection

In order to prevent foundation wall leaking and to stop the crack from growing, our team will inject a liquid urethane material. This product is injected into the crack to fully fill the gap it has created, from the surface of the wall all the way into the soil. Once cured, this will permanently seal the crack and prevent water from seeping inside. The urethane can be painted over to match the surrounding area.

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Repairs in Ann Arbor, MI
They are a good quality company that does excellent timely work. Very professional and easy to work with.
Claire N - Ann Arbor, MI 48105
December 12, 2016
Great Job in Bloomfield Hills, MI
I was most satisfied that the entire job including odds and ends that probably no one else would have done, it was done in one day. Thank you!!!
Tim H - Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
November 16, 2017